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30 Ways to Practice Self Care

Shared by: SU Team

30 Ways to Practice Self Care Self-care is the ability for you to be mindful of your own needs, so that you are able to better support the people around you that you care about. By taking care of yourself, you are assisting in your stress levels and ensuring you are making a conscious effort to put your best foot forward. Self-care can take place in a variety of ways, below are SHE Unparalleled’s 30 way to practice self-care! How many have you completed on the list?

~ Unplug from Technology ~ Apply a face mask

~ Write 3 Affirmations ~ Meditate for 10 minutes

~ Exercise for 20 to 30 minutes ~ Dance it out

~ Treat yourself to dessert ~ Pay it forward

~Take a short walk ~ Call a friend

~ Make a smoothie ~ Write a thank you note

~ Have a picnic ~ Write a prayer

~ Get a good night's rest ~ Read a book

~ Make a fruit salad ~ Take a nap

~ Make a cup of tea ~ Journal your thoughts

~ Watch a Ted Talk ~ Explore nature

~ Smile :) ~ Gratitude Notes

~ Listen to a podcast ~ Learn something new

~ Watch the sunrise, sunset, or clouds ~ Declutter 10 things

~ Take a hot bath ~ Do yoga

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Gr8t Reminders to take time for me!!

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