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Trusting God's Vision

Leia's Path to She Unparalleled 

Complacency is a fact of life, and that was no different for me since the start of the pandemic, I was content with my situation.  As a wife, mother of two, entrepreneur, basketball coach - I felt life was good!  However, something was missing. There was something nagging at my spirit that said 'there is more to be done.' But what was the 'more'? What else could I possibly do?   My husband has been nagging me for years to write or start my own women's group. He admired how I was always willing to help others-- and would say things like, "you know God has called you to do more?"  I would hear him, but I would always rebuttal and say "well, God needs to come down and tell me exactly what that looks like, because I don't know!"   

There is power in the tongue.  

Fast forward to the pandemic-- that 'husband nag' became a personal nag-- and I knew it was time.  But what to do?  I ended up having a conversation with a friend-- and one thing was for certain...I wanted to help other women.  What did that look like? Writing a blog? Starting a women's group? Do a fitness class? What!?

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So from that point, I did what I knew best: I prayed.  That night, I prayed that God showed me a vision of what I needed to do.  With that prayer- I also knew that I wanted to execute this vision, with  like minded people. I didn't want to build whatever it was alone.  I already had a lot on my plate...any help would be a blessing.  

Within a few days, I had a normal check-in chat with Nikki.  We started chatting about the upcoming high school basketball season, along with other small talk. which led to me saying "I think I might venture into a new business for women." Nikki then replies "Ohh, tell me about this new business. I am thinking of starting a blog!"  Literally at that moment, I felt a warmth come over me.  Call it confirmation or a sign, but I knew this was it.  Nikki was the connection, and there was a business to be built.  We started talking about everything- exploring what our ideas looked liked. We ending up praying...and from that moment on, SHE Unparalleled was born! 

Nikki's Path to She Unparalleled 

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Sometimes, God has a way of slowing you down for a variety of reasons.  Forcing you to sit and take time, in moments like this in my life this is when he does the most speaking to me.  Five years ago, I was on bed rest due to a difficult pregnancy with my first child., after being told I would never have children - but that's another testimony for another day.  During that time I was being tested in every aspect of my life: marriage, self, and career.  I was in the hospital for over 2 months and begin to spend most of my days and long nights journalling, typing, thinking, but mostly praying.  From an early age, I remember praying in moments of fear, frustration, and most of all silence.  This is when I hear him loud and clear speaking to me.  During this time in my life, I felt alone, nervous, fearful, but more importantly frustrated.  My only outlet was to write these emotions down in a journal that I began to call my testimony, constantly praying for clarity and guidance.  As I navigated through one of the most difficult moments of my life. 

Two years after the birth of my first child, I found out I was pregnant with my second.  Another difficult pregnancy forced me to sit and make time to pull out my journal to pray and write.  The second pregnancy mentally was more of a journey of growth than a challenge.  Instead of frustration I felt a calming in my spirit, a peace within my heart.  It was interesting how this moment in time, God allowed me to view this journalling period differently.  After the birth of my second child, I continued to write prayers and journal feelings when they came over me.  The difference was I chose to continue to write, and not because I was angry or frustrated as I was when I started, but because I was releasing and sharing.  At the end of my journalling I typically say a prayer asking the Lord to show me when my testimony should be shared and open my eyes to the experiences that I write down.  


Then came 2020, and during a very casual conversation with Le - God's vision was revealed, crystal clear.


Together we allowed God to manifest our vision to share with each of you, enjoy 

SHE Unparalleled

The Vision

SHE Unparalleled was created with a simple premise, Women are SPECIAL.  In our journey called life, we wear many hats, as daughters, mothers, sisters, and aunts.  Not to mention entrepreneurs, leaders, community activists, faith-filled individuals, and so much more.  More importantly, we are fearfully and wonderfully made created in his image with a PURPOSE.  With so much power, why not create a platform that shines a LIGHT on US. For if we do not honor ourselves, really who will?  We want to encourage and inspire you to be your best version of yourself on a daily basis. 

Enter the Vision…


SHE Unparalleled  is designed with the WOMAN in mind.  Our sole vision is to be a virtual support system you need to get through this journey called life.  We are choosing to speak life into your world, to uplift you but more importantly when your cup seems half empty, we are here to fill it up.  There is never a moment in your life when you are alone, as women sharing our stories, gifts, and experiences is what unites us.  From daily inspiration to fitness targets, with community visionary spotlights – we are here to HONOR WOMEN.  The vision is to bring awareness and passion to the works of the everyday woman.  

No matter the age, SHE Unparalleled  celebrates YOU because YOU are EXCEPTIONAL. 

Through all of our endeavors we hope to display the conviction behind our beliefs. 

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