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"I don't want to make somebody .... I want to make myself""

            - Toni Morrison

July 2020 Visionary

Ms. Natasha Carter

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Favorite Quote:  "My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." ~Maya Angelou


Thoughts on being a Visionary:  Being a visionary means that you see the strength in things, people, and situations that others do not see. You not only strive to make a difference in the moment, but in the future as well. You use your influence to positively impact others around you.

What would you say to the women of yesterday, today, and tomorrow

To the women of yesterday...thank you for your strength and resilience. The struggles that you endured while paving the way for me are beyond appreciated. Thank you for being positive examples for the generations that followed you.


To the women of today...when women support each other, incredible things can happen. It can bring unity, strength and plenty of visions to life. It is our turn to lead by example!


To the women of tomorrow...behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women. We have your back!

Learn More about Natasha: 

Natasha Carter is a Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist, who specializes in providing therapeutic services to athletes/sports organizations. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from North Carolina State University and her Masters of Social Work from Barry University. She has over 13 years of clinical and social work experience and extensive training working with and providing services to children, adolescents, adults, families, and athletes. She currently has a private practice, Learning Alternative Ways to Channel Euphoria, LLC (also known as L.A.C.E.) where she provides therapeutic services to the DC and Maryland area. She has a non profit, Teaching and Empowering Athletes Mentally, Inc (also known as T.E.A.M.) which helps athletes develop a strong emotional foundation for success by providing services that promote mental conditioning, teach skills to help cope in healthy ways and advocate for mental health services to be more accessible. Natasha's passion surfaced when she struggled with anxiety during college and had a bad experience with the lack of support she found at the student counseling center. She knew that she wanted to help make sure that no one else, especially young girls and women, felt unsupported when they were vulnerable enough to ask for help. As a student athlete, she also saw first hand how physical conditioning was prioritized while there was a lack of focus placed on mental conditioning. She wanted to advocate for more mental health services and resources to be available for student and professional athletes and help normalize mental health within sports.

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